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We Settle Cases…

Stop. Look. Listen. Great advice when you’re crossing a street. Perhaps even better advice when you are in litigation or contemplating it. Too often people spend tens of thousands of dollars in a dispute that could and should be settled using common sense. Over 90% of civil cases settle prior to trial. How and when you settle a case are really the primary questions.


The attorneys at the Walsh Law Firm have tried over 75 cases, prepared hundreds more and served as successful mediators for the San Francisco, Contra Costa, and Alameda Superior Courts, the United States District Court (ND California) and private parties in over 100 cases. This has given us a distinct and unique approach to settlement.


  • The first thing we do is define and refine the business and financial objectives of our clients.


  • Next we conduct a vigorous and disciplined investigation and analysis of the factual and legal underpinnings of a case.


  • We listen to the other side‚Ķunderstanding not only their factual and legal contentions but also their settlement objectives, needs and positions.


  • Our perspective of being willing to proceed to try any case allows us to always approach the other side from a position of strength.


  • There are many different mechanisms to facilitate the settlement of the case. We use them all.


  • Courts routinely set settlement conferences. In order for these to be successful the parties must be prepared on the facts, law and economics of the case.


  • There are many private alternative dispute resolution services such as JAMS. We are familiar with and use these services. However, it is important to realize just how expensive private mediation can be. Some mediators charge in excess of $10,000 per day per party! In our view these private mediation services can be worth their cost in certain cases but the selection must be carefully made.


  • There are statutory procedures for making settlement offers such as California Code of Civil Procedure section 998. These are strategically important procedures that can often point the other side in a position that increases their risk dramatically and compels them to consider settlement.


  • In modern day litigation one of the most overlooked tools for settlement is simply talking to the other side. We always talk to opposing counsel in a straight forward and professional manner. This is often the easiest way to settle any case.