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We Try Cases…

We have tried over 75 jury trials, 80 court trials and 100 arbitrations. The Walsh Law Firm has the experience, tools, structure and nerve to take any matter through trial. This is one of the factors that distinguishes us from other firms.

When a client engages the firm to handle a dispute, we help the client first define the objective it wishes to achieve and then to develop a strategy to achieve the goal. This strategy always involves how the dispute will be tried.

Our willingness to try cases is a matter of perspective. We begin the analysis of any dispute with a view as to how the case can best be presented to the resolution tribunal whether it is a jury, judge or arbitrator. Every piece of information is analyzed from the perspective of “evidence” and whether it will be admissible and how it will support the position of our client.

The Walsh Law Firm is uniquely structured to try cases. First, we have significant experience in trials at all levels of the firm. We have one of the best trial paralegals in the business. Second, each case is analyzed from the outset in such a way as to position it to be tried. Third, every action during litigation is pursued with the client’s ultimate goal in mind. Fourth, we have strong communication skills that are utilized in the preparation of examinations and demonstrative exhibits. We persuade.